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Nov 19

My name is Brandon Wang,

Student, designer,
activist, entrepreneur.

This is my online home.

I'm Brandon — an entrepreneur, web designer, activist, 17, and a senior at Phillips Exeter. Founder of Schooltraq, a popular online academic planner, and director at Sponsr.Us, a 501(c)(3) for student initiatives.
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This website, bw.gs, is my online presence—it hosts information about me, various projects and links, and academic resources.

I'm available on the Internet:

Email and Twitter are fastest.
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Changing education

I'm an ardent advocate of using technology and entrepreneurship to improve education. In some small ways, I've tried to better the world:


Schooltraq is a popular online academic planner I created.
It's clean, simple, and friendly.

Schooltraq I developed Schooltraq.


Sponsr.Us is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
that provides social fundraising and mentorship for students.

Sponsr.Us, Inc. I serve as founding director.

Project for Better Journalism

The Project for Better Journalism
is improving communication and transparency at schools nationwide.

The Project for Better Journalism I serve as founder.

Academic and development resources

Since 2010, I've written course and study guides and shared them with the community. I've also made small tools, most for development and design:

Study and course guides

Course summaries
Mathematics, chemistry, physics, …

Study guides
Originally created for personal use,
now published to the community.

Other resources

Culrr A simple hexidecimal color picker that
still serves my—and other's—needs.

BigDash Designed for always-on tablets. A bedside clock and weather app for Exeter, NH.

Music curation

Spotify playlists spotify

Homework music/ambient Over 300 followers. Meticulously selected and ordered, over 14 hours.

Background/soft-indie rock Spotify. A blend of soft rock and indie music.


Starred playlist No rhyme or reason — just an
ephemeral feed of what I'm hearing.

House/light dub/dance Mostly local, non-linked, files. A good mix.


SoundCloud likes A collection of mashups & house music.
For exercise and late nights.

Spotify profile I'm bwng on Spotify.

Private resources

Academic record For teachers and classmates. Previous essays, writings, and school assignments.


GitHub profile I'm bwng on GitHub.
(Most of my projects are private.)

Contact me

bw@brwang.com Please, only personal inquiries.
Schooltraq? Visit our Support Center
Sponsr.Us? Email hello@sponsr.us